What We Offer

We offer property owners a comprehensive end-to-end service, from full property preparation (including furnishing and styling if required) through to day-to-day running, housekeeping and maintenance.



Our historical data enables us to forecast estimated returns, however each property is different and we do not guarantee any occupancy rates or financial returns for any property. Our average occupancy rate across our portfolio currently sits at 77%. We have a strong clientele base built from scratch and we regularly communicate with these contacts to ensure we’re consistently driving occupancy.



As Boutique Stays exclusively manages your property on your behalf, you can be effectively ‘hands off’ when it comes to the day to day running of your property. Once we have discussed contract requirements, you can sit back and be assured that you have a dedicated team looking after all aspects of your property's management.



Boutique Stays operates mainly in the 4 star + quality accommodation sector, hence properties need to be maintained at a very high standard.

We have developed detailed cleaning checklists to ensure your property is beautifully maintained and we directly employ our own housekeeping team who understand the needs of your property. This includes spring cleaning and auditing on a regular basis and annual conditional reviews. NB: It’s a Boutique Stays condition that our housekeepers are engaged to undertake all of your cleaning requirements.

Doona covers, pillow cases, towels, hand towels, face washers, tea towels and bath mats are provided and laundered by Boutique Stays. This ensures consistency of quality and means that owners don’t need to worry about replacing these items. However, we do require you to purchase doona inners, pillows and mattress protectors.

To ensure your property is looked after to a high standard, maintenance issues need to be addressed promptly, and Boutique Stays will coordinate on your behalf. The process and authorisation details will be discussed upon joining. Any associated costs are included in our estimated financial returns.



We offer extensive availability to guests. Our office is open 7 days a week for guest enquiries (Standard business hours Monday – Friday, with shorter hours on the weekends) and one of our staff is on call until 9pm every day, shielding owners from afterhours calls.



We are committed to providing 5 star customer service to both guests and property owners and encourage feedback, both positive and negative.

For owners this means providing accurate and timely information, high standards of professionalism in all communications, and ensuring that your property is maintained to a high standard.

For guests this means prompt, friendly and competent service leading up to a booking, proficient communication following a booking and then prompt responses to any in-house requirements. All our guests are surveyed and asked to provide feedback on how they found their stay.



Boutique Stays is unique in that we offer a full marketing solution which includes listing your property on our website and third-party channels. Whilst associated marketing costs are passed onto owners, this holistic service approach allows owners to have confidence in having Boutique Stays exclusively manage the marketing of their property.

Our recommended lead time for the marketing of your property is 2-3 months prior to it being available to guests, but we are more than happy to discuss individual requirements if this lead time is unavailable.

You can leave everything to us and be completely ‘hands off’!



We provide a monthly statement/tax invoice to owners including booking details and any expenses. We’re committed to making the reporting as informative as possible for owners.